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Organic Skincare Brand Achieves Top Status with CRO Tactics

Unlocking Organic Skincare
Digital Potential

This case study reveals how Koonden's conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy propelled an organic skincare brand to top status. By combining quality products, exceptional customer reviews, and a strong cross-platform presence, the brand mastered the digital landscape. Discover the power of an integrated, customer-centric approach in the organic skincare market.

Key results

Conversion Rates Increase in 1 year

Social Media

Positive Reviews

Illustration svg koonden arrow blue green

Client Background:
Pioneering Organic Skincare

Our client, a premier provider of organic and natural makeup and skincare, was renowned for its commitment to non-toxic, cruelty-free, and sustainably produced products.
Despite their high-quality offerings, they grappled with several market challenges in the middle of the sales funnel (MOFU).

Challenges: The Roadblocks to Market Domination


Building Trust & Credibility: Establishing trust was paramount in a market flooded with multiple organic skincare and makeup brands.


Educating Consumers: Providing comprehensive, relevant information about the products' benefits and usage (product pages enhancement).


Product Differentiation: Differentiating the brand's offerings from other organic skincare products was a significant hurdle.


Streamlining Policies & Processes: Addressing concerns about payment, shipping and returns. Solving path to purchase and buyer experience issues.


Leveraging Customer Reviews: Utilizing positive reviews and genuine testimonials effectively to build higher customer confidence.


Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring adherence to the US organic products' regulations and maintaining sustainable, ethical best practices.

Strategic Approach: Multifaceted Marketing and CRO

Improving Conversion Rates


Increase in conversion rates - through enhanced product pages optimizing the sales funnel & path to purchase.

Revamping SEO Strategy


Increase in website organic traffic - through appropriate on-page and technical SEO adjustments.

Optimizing Social Media


Increase in social media engagement rates - through smarter content categorization, promos, and videos.

Managing Client Feedback


Increase in positive reviews - through regular surveys, customer-centric feedback loops, and incentives.

Implementation: A Blend of Technology and Creativity


Website Overhaul: Revamping the website design and buyer experience to improve the path to purchase and offer a better ergonomy on mobile devices.


Social Media Marketing: Better demographic audience segmentation allowing to run more targeted campaigns resulting in engagement & brand awareness boost.


Content Frequency: Producing more engaging, informative, and interactive content across more platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.


Customer Feedback Framework: Transforming the customer testimonials collection process and developing a system to highlight positive reviews.

Results & Impact: A CRO Success Story

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Best-in-Class eCommerce Platform

line black

Seamless payment gateways, analytics optimization for personalized user experiences, and enhanced security measures.

circle point svg green black

Content Strategy

line black

Leveraging data, the client can now create more tailored content, optimizing distribution across platforms, and fostering interactions to boost engagement.

circle point svg green black


line black

Achieved top organic skincare brand status through quality products, exceptional customer reviews, and strong online presence across platforms.

Graph metrics green

Analysis & Learning:
Insights for Future Growth

Our analysis revealed the power of an integrated digital strategy and a customer-centric approach in the organic skincare market. The balance between educating consumers, leveraging digital platforms, and maintaining a strong brand narrative was crucial for success.

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