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HR Outsourcing Marketing Strategy (Full-Funnel)

Transforming an HRO Provider into a Global Powerhouse

A prominent Middle Eastern Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) firm offering a revolutionary Global Payroll Management SaaS faced unique challenges in its quest to become a global entity. Koonden partnered with them to tackle these challenges head-on, leading to unprecedented growth and market expansion.

Key results

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Increase in Qualified Leads After 1 Year

42% svg

Reduction of
Churn Rate

Rise in Web

Illustration svg koonden arrow blue green

Client Background:
Regional Expertise & Global Ambition

Established as a leader in payroll technology and employee outsourcing in the Middle East, our client's flagship product had already made significant inroads, managing payrolls across 160 countries. However, transitioning from a regional leader to a global influencer presented a unique set of challenges.

The Challenge: Overcoming Barriers to Global Expansion


Cultural & Regulatory Adaptability: With the expansion, the firm faced a maze of international labor laws and tax regulations, needing to adapt their SaaS for varying global requirements.


Data Security & Privacy: Addressing global data security standards and safeguarding sensitive information.


Demonstrating ROI In a market dominated by established players, proving the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of their solution was critical.


Customization & Scalability: Showcasing the software's adaptability for diverse, evolving client needs.


Integration with Existing Systems: Easing concerns about integrating their SaaS with existing HR and financial systems.


Post-Sale Support: Ensuring exceptional after-sales support and customer service to bolster client confidence.

Strategic Approach: A Synergistic Marketing Blueprint

Global Positioning & Messaging


Increase in brand recognition - through a narrative that resonated across diverse markets.

Targeted Outbound Campaigns


Increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) within six months.

CRM Integration


Reduction of churn rate with the implemention of HubSpot, which streamlined lead management.

Dynamic Content Strategy


Rise in web traffic and double conversions with engaging content across multiple platforms.

The Implementation: Bridging Innovation with Market Needs


Enhanced Lead Management: WithUtilizing HubSpot led to a 25% increase lead nurturing efficiency.


Social Media Advertising: Targeted campaigns on platforms frequented by their ICP resulted in a 45% increase in audience interaction.


Content Marketing Prowess: A robust content calendar emphasized the firm's expertise, leading to a 35% increase in social media engagement.


Global Event Participation: Attended eight key industry events in one year, increasing brand visibility by 30%.

The Results: A New Era of Global Influence

circle point svg green black

Global Expansion

line black

Established 25 new branches worldwide in two years, marking a 100% increase in international presence.

circle point svg green black

Headcount Growth

line black

· Doubled the workforce, accommodating rapid expansion.

circle point svg green black

Lead Gen Success

line black

Achieved a fourfold increase in qualified leads after 1 year, significantly outperforming initial targets.

Graph metrics green

Analysis and Learning:
Key Insights for Sustained Global Growth

The firm's success highlighted the importance of a nuanced approach to global markets, blending advanced technology with culturally adaptable marketing strategies. Demonstrating ROI, ensuring seamless integration, and prioritizing data security were pivotal in gaining client trust and expanding global reach.

Redefining Global
HRO with Koonden

This case study exemplifies Koonden's proficiency in elevating firms from regional players to global leaders, using innovative strategies tailored to the HRO sector.

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