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Insurance Sales Funnel Optimization: +50% Conversion Rate

Multichannel Approach
Maximizes Results

This case study reveals how Koonden's systematic, multichannel approach to insurance funnel optimization led to a remarkable 50% increase in conversion rates for a specialized e-bike and scooter insurance broker. Discover the power of strategic funnel optimization across multiple touchpoints.

Key results

Conversion Rate Increase

Bounce Rate

Increase in
Market Reach

Illustration svg koonden arrow blue green

Client Background:
Expert in
Niche Insurance Markets

Our client, a dynamic insurance broker, has carved a niche in affinity products for the electric bike and scooter market. They operate through a vast network of distributors, aiming to expand their reach in this rapidly evolving market.

The core objective was clear: achieve a 15% overall conversion rate by refining the sales process. The challenges included managing a high volume of leads, increasing activated contracts, and ensuring profitability by maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV).

Challenges: Navigating a Crowded Market


Specialized Market Focus: The client operates within the niche market of electric bike and scooter insurance, requiring tailored marketing strategies to effectively reach and engage a specific target audience.


Expanding Market Presence: Despite being experts in niche insurance products, the challenge lies in expanding their reach through a vast network of distributors in a rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive market.


Ambitious Conversion Goals: Setting a clear objective to achieve a 15% overall conversion rate, which is ambitious given the competitive nature of the insurance market and the specialized focus of their products.


High Volume of Leads Management: Efficiently managing and nurturing a large volume of leads to increase conversion rates without compromising the quality of engagement or customer experience.


Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value: Ensuring profitability by not just increasing activated contracts but also maximizing the LTV, which requires strategic pricing, customer retention efforts, and upselling tactics.


Balancing Conversion Rate & Profitability: Finding the right balance between increasing the conversion rate and maintaining a profitable LTV, especially in a competitive and price-sensitive market.

Strategic Approach: Methodical & Multifaceted

circle point svg green black

Sales Funnel Optimization

line black

Identified a 40% email bounce rate; streamlined the process with lead processing automation and multi-channel efforts.

circle point svg green black

Strategic Enhancements

line black

Implemented outbound calls, SMS, and email campaigns to enhance customer engagement and lead management.

circle point svg green black

Regular Reviews
and Monitoring

line black

Introduced follow-up calls and monthly performance reviews for continuous improvement and optimization.

Implementation: Thorough Analysis & Monitoring


Identification of Improvement Areas: We meticulously analyzed the client's sales funnel, pinpointing the bounce rate in emails as an area for optimization to enhance lead management and conversion.


Automation & Multi-Channel Marketing: Implemented the automation of lead processing and the deployment of outbound calls, SMS, and email campaigns to engage potential customers effectively.


Enhanced Customer Engagement: Initiated follow-up calls as part of the post-engagement strategy to ensure customer satisfaction and gather valuable feedback, aiming to improve the sales process continually.


Performance Monitoring and Reviews: Established monthly performance reviews to assess implemented strategies, allowing for continuous refinement and adaptation to market changes & customer needs.

Results & Impact: Surpassing Goals

Conversion Boost


Strategic funnel optimization doubled conversion rates, outperforming initial expectations and goals.

Target Hit


Achieved ambitious three-month goal, setting a new standard in sales efficiency.

Bounce Decrease


Targeted interventions reduced email bounce rates, enhancing lead engagement and retention.

Market Reach Expanded


Multichannel strategies enabled a 28% increase in market penetration in the niche insurance sector.

Graph metrics green

Analysis & Learning:
Insights for Future Strategies

This case study demonstrates the importance of a rigorous, data-driven approach in sales funnel optimization. Our multichannel strategy met and exceeded the goals, providing valuable insights for future campaigns and strategies in similar markets.

The Importance of
Multichannel Strategies

Koonden's multichannel marketing strategies are crucial for reaching diverse audiences, enhancing customer engagement, and driving higher conversion rates. Leveraging various platforms, they ensure a consistent message and a more tailored reach, leading to business growth.

Deploying Niche Marketing with Koonden

Deploying niche marketing allows you to pinpoint and engage your specific target markets with precision. Our expertise in identifying unique market segments ensures tailored strategies that resonate deeply, driving enhanced brand loyalty and conversion rates.

Wanna learn more about niche marketing?

Discover our 120 Days Growth Process