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Travel Software Content Strategy Drives Sales and Growth

Content Fuels
Travel Software Success

This case study demonstrates how a strategic content marketing approach for a travel software combined with continuous ERP product innovation can tackle bottom of funnel challenges. With an 18-year legacy of innovation, this regional leader (India, Africa, Middle East) has mastered the processing hundreds of thousands of transactions daily, generating significant sales revenue and playing a crucial role during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results are increased sales, greater market penetration, and enhanced client trust. Partnering with us allows you to leverage your regional successes into global growth through customized content strategies that improve conversions and retention.

Key results


Increase in Lead Conversion Rates


Sales Cycle
Time Reduction


Decrease in Client
Acquisition Cost

Illustration svg koonden arrow blue green

Client Background:
Pioneering Excellence
in Travel Software

Boasting robust software solutions that cater to a diverse range of clients, including travel management companies, travel houses, and online travel agencies, the company has thrived on its ability to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the travel industry. Its strategic alliances with various global distribution systems and payment providers have expanded its service capabilities, embedding diverse functionalities into its software platforms.

Challenges: Bottom of the Funnel Issues


Differentiation in a Competitive Market: Distinguishing ERP systems in a crowded market was a major, primary challenge, necessitating a unique value proposition for a diverse global clientele.


Conversion of Interest into Sales: Translating interest generated by innovative solutions into tangible sales. The travel software industry and providers in the region is a cluttered market.


Building and Maintaining Client Trust: The challenge is a critical pain point in the technology sector, particularly for a company handling sensitive data and numerous transactions.


Adapting to Rapid Industry Changes: Continuously adding features and updating software to align with evolving industry trends and technologies is a significant pain point for software solution developers.

Strategic Approach: A Blend of Marketing and Innovation

circle point svg green black

Strategic Integration

line black

Koonden combined marketing and product development, emphasizing ERP systems' innovation & security for broad appeal.

circle point svg green black

Balanced Messaging

line black

Marketing emphasized innovation and reliability, appealing to users seeking cutting-edge yet secure, user-friendly systems.

circle point svg green black

Effective Outreach

line black

Paid campaigns presented the ERP's security and innovation, attracting users seeking advanced technology & safety.

Implementation: A Comprehensive Content Strategy


Diverse Formats Utilized: The client's strategy encompassed white papers, eBooks, webinars, and social media to build authority and drive purchases.


Authority Establishment: Focusing on authoritative content like white papers and eBooks positioned the client as an expert in their field.


Engagement via Webinars: Webinars offered interactive opportunities, demonstrating the company's expertise and the practical benefits of its software solutions.


Social Media Outreach: Social media initiatives were key in reaching decision-makers, highlighting the company's knowledge and software advantages.

Results & Impact: Measurable Success and Impact

Lead Conversion Rate


Improved by 31%, indicating a higher rate of converting prospects into paying customers.

Customer Retention Rate


Increased by 25% in 18 months, reflecting stronger customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Average Deal Size


Grew by 22%, demonstrating the company's ability to upsell and cross-sell more effectively.

Sales Cycle Time


Reduced by 15%, indicating a more efficient sales process thanks to Koonden's sales enablement strategy.

Graph metrics green

Analysis & Learning:
Market Position Strategy

Koonden's strategic content approach significantly boosted the company's market position, with a marked increase in sales and brand recognition. The case study reveals the importance of a targeted content strategy in addressing BOFU challenges, particularly in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry.

Make the Most
of Your Content

This example shows how strategic content marketing and continuous product innovation can quickly address bottom of funnel challenges, leading to increased sales, market penetration, and client trust.

Increase Conversions and Retention

Partner with Koonden to elevate your regional achievements to global success. Our content specialists will deliver tailored strategies to enhance conversions and retention.

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